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AATrade Main Game12191 Sectors3 PlayersDragosta: 77,941,507Sched Reset: Jul 1, 2024
Welcome to AATRADERS Thunderdome! Many may enter but only one may leave. Settings are 150 Tril Start Credits, Lose a ship get put in timeout for 10mins with your new ship, Sector Novas do not back fire, 150 sectors, 20K turns.Take no prisoners.... games usually run less than an hour... the more players, the quicker the game. Note: This is an attackers game, building does you little good. Also after you set your ship levels and burn 10 turns Fed space will kick you( only 2 fed sectors so be careful). After all this is a deathmatch game
Also if you get killed...wait 10 minutes and you can log back in as a new player. Hunt that player and get your revenge!
Score Board is still in the building stages, but if you want your score to show up you must register your profile. Kills are worth 100 points, deaths you lose 50 points, if you self Destruct while someone else is online you lose 150 points. The more players in the game the higher the scoring for kills and deaths.

If a player hasn't played for 3 hours, thier ship is reset. If you get 5 kills in a row, your ship is also reset. This will keep the game fair for everyone. If you self destruct, you are out of the game for 24 hours.